vendredi 21 octobre 2011


Tell her that I loved her
for the white soul and yellow scent
of early mornings together
under the pale light of September

Tell her about the four-eyed dreams
in the roundabout of years
her smile is creeping on
a remote ivy souvenir in my memory

tell her about the low tide of loneliness
the fragile pansies in the hands of Fall
dust crawling in my heart
and her song never ending

tell her that I dwell beyond all hopes
in a far distant sky resort
listening to birds and branches
and praying in blown up cathedrals

Tell her
I shall never come back
because all clocks are wrong
when anyone is late.

Claude Lopez-Ginisty

jeudi 20 octobre 2011

Miss rainbow

O Miss Rainbow
with a bitter-sweet lip
you change the rules of that funny game
I played with life and God

O Miss Rainbow
I know how to spell the names of clouds
I never really tried to break your beach
I did not believe in sand castles

O Miss Rainbow
crossroads of all tiny paths and paces
I wish I could just be for a while
the dewy reincarnation of your morning appearance

Claude Lopez-Ginisty

samedi 15 octobre 2011


Friends came early in the morning
carrying loads of heavy memories

they wanted to renew
with long forgotten attitudes
smiles and hugs
mimicking tenderness and love

they were using dead languages
and the useless dialects
of antiquated acquaintances

their hearts tried to translate
past experiences of life
into present attitudes and words

but their lips remained sealed
like the books of closed windows
uttering but the silence of the wind

obsolete dew under a heavy rain

Claude Lopez-Ginisty

lundi 10 octobre 2011

Sing all your melodies

Sing all your melodies
dance all your loves

match the sunny side
of all your acts
with the solemn flights
of swallows in the Fall

Do not procrastinate
drink at the cup of beauty
without even thinking
that you could get drunk

you lost your way 
in this material world
but I found the path of the soul
in a thousand smiles
paving my route towards He
who created my thirst

Claude Lopez-Ginisty

dimanche 9 octobre 2011

NIght haiku

Garden deserted
Friends all gone and forgotten
Flowers clad in black

Claude Lopez-Ginisty

samedi 24 septembre 2011



I came with naked thoughts
calm and concerned

a thousand prayers 
had cut through my night
to build my peace of soul
and create my wandering hopes

when they believed 
that I would collapse
in a tower of stillness
I stood firm and sang
an ancient byzantine chant
sanctified by centuries of asceticism

they looked at me and remained silent

the day had been sunny
and the night was clear
one could hear angels
climbing Jacob's ladder up and down

Claude Lopez-Ginisty

vendredi 23 septembre 2011


There is no real mystery
in the passing of time

the litanies of days
and the prayers at night
all merge into Hymns

and subtle Vespers 
and Liturgies

Grace abides by the Word
and you sign yourself safe
when you peacefully leave
the century old shrines of Eden on earth

Claude Lopez-Ginisty

mardi 20 septembre 2011

Ha Maqom

O my soul

Sing all your melodies
dance all your loves
catch the sunny side 
of all your acts
with the solemn flights
of swallows in the Fall

do not procrastinate

drink at the cup of Beauty 
without even thinking
that you could get drunk

O my soul
I once lost my heart in the material world
but I found my path 
in a thousand smiles and prayers
paving my way
towards His Presence

Claude Lopez-Ginisty

lundi 12 septembre 2011


It was a calm night oJuly
I avoided their looks
poppy among nettles
but they trapped me down
in the pit of bravery
pretending that pretty soon
my ill-fated friends would betray my joy
and wave me good night
on this pure Summer evening

 I lost my lust for love
when I heard their screams

Inside my chest
a thousand mountains fell down
and let the dark blue sky
gasping in dust and ashes

Claude Lopez-Ginisty

mardi 9 août 2011


It is like an old film
that you keep watching on and on
reciting its dialogues
and imitating the long gone heroes
of your forgotten youth

people talk
they talk you into a distant past
where everything is sure
and calm and accepted

but you know that these pictures 
are but the illusion of eternity
fixed like photographs
on glossy yellowish paper

a useless attempt
to pretend that memories
can have flesh and bones
for ever and ever

Claude Lopez-Ginisty

lundi 8 août 2011


Burning your thoughts
the sun came up
beaming through a haze
of nonsensical reasonings
and half conceived ideas

it turned the early morning
into a semi desert
with mirages and oases
in the midst of unknown noises

it clad silence
in rags of shadows
and left you unaware
of the beauty of flowers
hidden in their green souls

Claude Lopez-Ginisty

dimanche 7 août 2011


Memories are both
dead and alive
sweet harmony of past and present
dead leaves vivified
under the shining light
of nostalgia

I went back to you
but you were absent
lost in strange adventures
a thousand smiles
from my consuming grief

and when finally you spoke to me
I could not understand your words
because I was no longer able
to translate love 
into calm and peace

Claude Lopez-Ginisty

jeudi 4 août 2011

On the Road

Once on the road
you seemed to know
where to head for

a thousand songs
were on your lips
and so many melodies
kept crawling softly 
in the broken silence
of your joy

as if your soul
were a musical instrument
you started performing
a concert of enthusiastic moves
that sounded like prayers

one cannot be out of tune
when the conductor
is an old dedicated Master

you walked all the Way to Him

Claude Lopez-Ginisty

mercredi 3 août 2011


Dancing alone
on an ancient music
melting hope and joy
you started singing
and your voice suddenly
a thousand and one days
of young games
modest flowers of the fields
and unprecedented innocence

when the music stopped
you kept dancing
and your day became eternal

Claude Lopez-Ginisty

mardi 2 août 2011

Love came slowly

Love came slowly
smile after smile
kiss after kiss
in a subtle mixture
of tenderness and comfort

then in a swift feeling
of unexpected sighs
your heart
started beating a new rythm

music came from nowhere
a symphony of friendly souls
nesting in your mind

Claude Lopez-Ginisty

dimanche 17 juillet 2011


Thoughts like wild birds
keep flapping their wings
in a thick wet air
breaking through silences
in your exhausted brain
and letting sanity flee away
in nightmarish fits of anger

you are too well-known a stranger
to be impressed now
by the sweeping waltz
of this symphony of noises

you have won 
all your rainy sunsets
and gained the tender mercy
of peace in your mind

what you lost in the process
is the insane tempo
of fluttering instants
in a chaotic night

and soberness
in an immense ocean 
of despicable temptations

Claude Lopez-Ginisty

samedi 16 juillet 2011


You cannot travel
without first getting your soul
ready for unknown landscapes
and ordinary encounters

the long hoped for magic
might kill the swift capacity you have
of dreaming your cares away

when a new town 
enters your eyes
you must gently be prepared
to get lost in its suburbs

a thousand streets
will people your wanderings
and soothe your longing
for human company

Claude Lopez-Ginisty

vendredi 15 juillet 2011


She had said very clearly
that she could not commit herself
to promising suns and rainbows
to my worn-out ego

with a tender gesture
of her carnation white hand
at noon precisely
she tore my dreams apart
and left for nowhere

a thousand unanswered questions
echoing my soul dead

Claude Lopez-Ginisty

jeudi 14 juillet 2011


I can smile 
your sadness away

dance your fears 
just clapping hands

and I can also
retrieve forgotten hope
simply holding your hand
and whispering softly
I need you
 to become 
the beating of my heart
the dying sun 
of my summer evenings

Claude Lopez-Ginisty

mercredi 13 juillet 2011


There is no real mystery
in the passing of Time

The litanies of days 
and prayers at night
all merge into hymns
hours Vespers Matins
and Liturgies

Grace abides by the Word

and you sign yourself safe
when peacefully
and filled with hope
you leave the shrines of Eden

Claude Lopez-Ginisty

mardi 12 juillet 2011


In the heat of their wrath
they spoke harsh words
turning company into conflict

you decided to ignore them
and you clad your thoughts
in a vestment of silence
preferring the liturgy of calm
to the flaming curse of dispute

they left angry
deprived of the odd pleasure
of confronting their pride
with your absence of passion

Claude Lopez-Ginisty

lundi 11 juillet 2011


You came far too late
my songs had already left my voice
and their music echoed
in a desert of stony silence
throbbing like a dying heart
a pathetic rythm 
of despair and decay

Claude Lopez-Ginisty

dimanche 10 juillet 2011


They came unnoticed
tiptoeing in the dusk
amongst the subtle fragrance
of roses and herbs

their steps
trod upon memories
of distant forgotten loves
kisses evaporating slowly
on indifferent lips
cheeks unsullied
by the contact of their mouths

they disappeared a long time ago
swept away by regrets

but a mere gust a wind
pregnant with forlorn perfumes
keeps anchoring their absence
deep into my mind

Claude Lopez-Ginisty