lundi 19 novembre 2012

Dance your life away

Dance these days
of sweet youthful tempo
in the ballroom of the past

the concert is empty though
the orchestra is gone
but the music remains in your mind

a smile like a scar on your face
you can imagine
that life will always
save the last dance for you

you were sentenced 
to several years of nostalgia
with but the possible cure
of deadly oblivion

Claude Lopez-Ginisty

mardi 23 octobre 2012





Strong in his beliefs
he passed by life
like a humble pilgrim
redeeming time with eternity
and forgiving offenses
as if they were dewdrops
on a Summer morning

One day he ended up
in a very strange land
where people had replaced their soul
with money and power

it takes a great man
to ignore curses
and a poor one
to know the value of holiness

Claude Lopez-Ginisty

lundi 1 octobre 2012


Clad in their self-proclaimed importance
they talked vainly
believing their words 
to be of utter importance
for their bored to tears listeners

the latter
their soul yawning inside
wished they had earlids
to escape the mortal trance
of these insane chatterboxes

outside the conference room
in the true real world
of ordinary people
the rate of exchange of lilies and roses
remained the same

and the sun the moon 
and the stars
remained the same

and the silence that followed their speeches
sounded like a blessed symphony

Claude Lopez-Ginisty

lundi 24 septembre 2012


They are suddenly lost
in the mysterious labyrinth
of grief 
and wounded faith
hesitating between tears
and revolt
their souls maimed with mourning
and their hearts
drowned in despair

their sadness is a dungheap
in the midst of a beautiful garden
but the smell of death prevails

nobody can offer solace
to Prophet Job

Claude Lopez-Ginisty

vendredi 7 septembre 2012



I came back home
my youthful mind loaded
with memories and hopes
and my soul expecting
the subtle tenderness
of sweet welcoming words

but you were almost silent
and you left me puzzled
in the middle of a sentence
you never finished

your dog came 
wagging its tail
as if to make up
for your rudeness

and thus I entered
the present
of my maimed past
with the assurance 
that death could come 
at any time

and your dog 
was still cheerful 
In the desert of old
locusts and bees
kept company to John
and fed him

Claude Lopez-Ginisty

mardi 21 août 2012


In the innocence of her youth
she uttered light words
turning trivial conversation 
into secret pleasure

I pretended to ignore them
and she then clad her thoughts
in a vestment of laughter
preferring the irony of smiles
to the tedious curse of silence
or embarrassment

She then left 
and I was quite puzzled
deprived of the old pleasure
of having the last word

And moved deep inside myself
with a tiny injury
that seemed like a scar in my heart

Claude Lopez-Ginisty

mercredi 15 août 2012


Back from holidays
My soul completely renewed
But life has not changed

Claude Lopez-Ginisty

Haiku written for 
(Photograph/ The Alps from my window)

lundi 30 juillet 2012


Small snail on the rock
You carry your tiny shell
As I do my past

But nobody sees
All the tears I've left behind
To move on in life

Claude Lopez-Ginisty

dimanche 29 juillet 2012


The arms of the trees
prevent the breath of the sky
from entering the landscape

the day is breaking
into foam and coming rain

no time to think about 
delirious and useless metaphors
to accept the planned storm

you did cut yourself from memories
a long time ago
when you thought that you could
live a life without roots
and survive 
in a no-God's land

the arms of the trees
will resist as they can
but your mind will burst out
under the pressure of a guilt
you never perceived
stuck as you were
in the midst of nostalgia
and hope

Claude Lopez-Ginisty

jeudi 19 juillet 2012

Carillon/ Wind Chime


Not one gust of wind
Since they departed from life-
The wind chime's silent


Pas un brin de vent
Ils ont déserté la vie-
Carillon muet

Claude Lopez-Ginisty

Ecrit pour la joute poétique

samedi 14 juillet 2012

Haiku Suite for my Beloved


First there was friendship
Then the world became tender
And now I love thee

When I happen to call thee
The flowers of my garden
Dispense their fragrance

Birds high in the sky
And the splendid butterflies
Pay thee a tribute

It seems that my heart
Repeats again and again
Thy beloved name

Thou art a mountain
Clad with the purest of clouds
Reaching to Heaven

First I lived in Time
Now owing to thy presence
I am eternal

Claude Lopez-Ginisty

written for 
Haïku Heighty 153

vendredi 13 juillet 2012


like shutters
one opens 
after a miserable night
on a gorgeous sunny morning

like old friends
one listens to
even if the story they offer
has been heard a thousand times

like paper fans
one simply uses 
to refresh one's mind
after a long boring day

always ready
to erase
the gloomy shadows
of unwanted reality

that humbly teach 
to read to write
to dream
and to pray

Claude Lopez-Ginisty

mardi 10 juillet 2012

Haïku de l'été

Lovely summer days
God is smiling everywhere
In the monastery

In the monastery
Every single tiny flower
Sings about the Lord


Charmants jours d'été
Dieu partout présent sourit
Dans le monastère

Dans le monastère
Chaque minuscule fleur
Chante le Seigneur


Claude Lopez-Ginisty


Ecrit pour la joute poétique chevaleresque

mercredi 4 juillet 2012

Deaf and alive

I'm deaf to their songs
I listen to the silence
I'm dead to the world

Claude Lopez-Ginisty

witten for
carry on Tuesday

lundi 2 juillet 2012


Fireworks are like
Shooting stars going from earth
To their sky abode


Les feux d'artifice
Sont des étoiles filantes
Retournées au ciel.


Claude Lopez-Ginisty


Ecrit pour 


Ours is a strange world
with predictable false prophets
and online cheap miracles
happening on a daily basis
on virtual social gatherings

life has truly lost its reality
and people simply want 
their lives to just be 
an online phenomenon
with lots of followers
and myriads of testimonies
of faked loves 
and insane relationships
that start in a stupid way
at the opening of a web session
and often end up 
in indifference

let us expect doomsday
with utter confidence

Claude Lopez-Ginisty

dimanche 1 juillet 2012

Exile Haiku

Exile is the land
Where I retrieve my childhood
In between two tears


Le pays d'exil
Est celui de mon enfance
Entre deux sanglots


Claude Lopez-Ginisty

Written for 

samedi 23 juin 2012

Haïku de la chandelle

The candle is bright
Just until the morning sun
Appears in the sky


La chandelle brille
Jusqu'au moment où au ciel
Paraît le soleil


Claude Lopez-Ginisty


Ecrit pour la joute poétique chevaleresque

Tackle It Tuesday, "Bright"

mercredi 20 juin 2012

Low tide

Brooks always go to rivers
and rivers finally
 end up in the sea

your dreams go everywhere
floating here and there
and they are washed ashore 
by the high tide of reality

and you realize bitterly
that real life is often 
like the morning dew
faking tears on flowers
and vanishing when you try
to catch its pearls 

Claude Lopez-Ginisty

lundi 18 juin 2012


What you cannot express
(your feelings
and your dreams)
remains clad in silence and secret
for a long time 
that seems everlasting

but one day very easily
everything comes out under the sun
and your pen

(echoes like sighs
and words like celestial music
of newly composed symphonies)

and this suddenly starts a tide of tears
that breaks against the cliffs
of oblivion and fear

and you remember that undoubtedly
once you were a child
and you believed 
the world to be a safe haven

Claude Lopez-Ginisty

dimanche 17 juin 2012


The love fireflies that I so loved
like birds of the soul
drive all illusions
to the garden of the past

the wisdom of black suns
condemn prisoners's songs

for heroes died a long time ago
and exiled loves 
sentence all poems to death

this very night
travels eternally
all around the world
on the wings of an invisible dove

the earth is maimed for life
I fear its mushroom clouds
flying upwards from the springs
 of polluted power

I managed somehow
to conceal my music
and the words of my hymns
just in time for the high tide
to help them catch a wave

O you deep ocean
with your thousand caressing hands
renew love
the two-souled Archangel !

Claude Lopez-Ginisty

vendredi 15 juin 2012

Night Haïku

Let the night come in
With its dark oblivious shroud
To bury your pain

Claude Lopez-Ginisty

jeudi 14 juin 2012


We really cannot communicate
our lingua franca does not convey
the real meaning of our conversation

you say things that you do not believe
and try to convince me
that I should take them seriously
because you are superbly clad
in complacency 

you speak about a rose
without mentioning its thorns

you talk like a song
but you are out of tune

when you say Love
I understand hatred

when you mention God
I feel like an atheist

your words are like clouds
with an appearence of reality
that ends up abruptly

and even your silence 
has the stench of death

Claude Lopez-Ginisty

mercredi 13 juin 2012


Dawn came fast
with its red sun peeping
at the sleeping landscape

trees were slowly exhaling
a white misty cloud towards the sky

birds filled the morning air
with wild symphonies of songs
whilst sunbeams wiped away
the tiny tears of dewdrops
on the small hands of plants

the door was locked
the key remained in its keyhole
and we left
for ever

Claude Lopez-Ginisty