mercredi 29 mai 2013


In a world of make believe
your surprised your foes
by accepting them
for what they pretended to be

you let them imagine
that their uselessness
was but an important ornament
of their petty lives
masking their void
with a garment of mist

they smiled at you
satisfied with your complacency
and flattered by your acceptance

and you left then happy
for no reason at all

in your gardens you sometimes have
a bindweed that imagines
that it is a rose

Claude Lopez-Ginisty

mardi 28 mai 2013


You never gave me any reason
to give up the sweet harmony
of words and thoughts and tears

let my eyes water
the landscapes I love
and the dark places I fear

take a break
from the unforgettable plans
that were to change your life 
into a social nightmare
and an acceptable ordeal

in the heart of silence
an immense hope has come up
denying all kinds of dawns
and pressing your soul to accept
the meaningful fate of roses

you then defined all deaths
because in your wisdom
you see a light
that overcomes all your petty darkness

Claude Lopez-Ginisty

lundi 27 mai 2013

They came unnoticed

They came unnoticed
between night and day
clad in clouds and mist
and their presence hushed down
by the tender whisper
of the rain on the pond

nobody saw them
except a young child in his slumber
who pointed at them and smiled
a smile of hope and melody

when a lightning flashed in the air
half of their figures appeared
silver bodies that passed by
on the edge of a slippery path

you sensed their presence
but like a hound dog
you stopped moving at once
meaning your soul to abide
by the mystery of their visitation
and the testimony of their frailty

next you fell asleep
and when you woke up
rainbows were on sale

Claude Lopez-Ginisty