mercredi 9 mars 2016


Like a knight of some old-fashioned book
I came to you from a remote country

I used words 
you never heard before
and you smiled
to make me understand
that you did not understand me

I had lived a life
where songs were finished in a sob
and I had remained 
a passer-by in the eyes of God

I had wandered too long
in landscapes 
of impossible loves

I knew it 
long before I came 
life is but an endless poem
a noteless song
on the lips of a mute beggar

the streets used to recite 
some kind of prayer in the dark
way before I realized
that I was mortal

I feel like an old knight
Spanish by descent
and deprived of his windmills

and if I smile at you
the world will know a new dawn
even if you do not smile back
and  tell me abruptly
that a am too well-known
a stranger

Claude Lopez-Ginisty

dimanche 13 avril 2014

New Life

Today at noon
butterflies came back
waltzing with daffodils
and daisies
on the lawn

there is a new melody 
in the air
packed with birds
and far away songs
of unknown insects

the snowy shroud of Winter
is exiled 
on mountain tops
and hope
is springing back
in rosebuds
and shy lizards
in the sun

a thousand-faced crowd
is peeping
through death
looking for 
a new life

Claude Lopez-Ginisty

mardi 18 mars 2014

Dreaming awake

Dreaming awake
I visited lots of places
and came back unaware
of the subtleties of memories

Friends tried to convert me
to their private heresies
and left 
when they realized
that I had my own salvation planned
in a bundle of prayers 
and intercessions

Spring came yesterday
a daisy storm on the lawn
and a lighter shade of blue
in the morning sky

I defined every single item
of my broken life
I am free
and I belong here

Here where sparrows 
act like angels
silently invading 
the praying hands of the trees
that have worn 
their gloves of buds and flowers

Claude Lopez-Ginisty

mardi 15 octobre 2013


With all your hopes gone
you can stop moaning
and live on

the mere logic of days and night
will become your liturgy
until you enter
the tomb of time

no words can soothe your pain
the minute you realize
that you are not everlasting

Claude Lopez-Ginisty

jeudi 15 août 2013

The soul of my dreams

The soul of my dreams
boarded my nights
towards the soft evening
of a distant ocean

books read
whose authors I loved or hated
have covered the beaches
with unforeseen tides

the garden of delights
matured its fruit
under the blonde sun
of my fancy
on a friendly bank

and up there
 in the sky
as a moving lighthouse
filled with sweet music
a lark suddenly melted
in a blue cloud
and it never came back

Claude Lopez-Ginisty

mercredi 29 mai 2013


In a world of make believe
your surprised your foes
by accepting them
for what they pretended to be

you let them imagine
that their uselessness
was but an important ornament
of their petty lives
masking their void
with a garment of mist

they smiled at you
satisfied with your complacency
and flattered by your acceptance

and you left then happy
for no reason at all

in your gardens you sometimes have
a bindweed that imagines
that it is a rose

Claude Lopez-Ginisty

mardi 28 mai 2013


You never gave me any reason
to give up the sweet harmony
of words and thoughts and tears

let my eyes water
the landscapes I love
and the dark places I fear

take a break
from the unforgettable plans
that were to change your life 
into a social nightmare
and an acceptable ordeal

in the heart of silence
an immense hope has come up
denying all kinds of dawns
and pressing your soul to accept
the meaningful fate of roses

you then defined all deaths
because in your wisdom
you see a light
that overcomes all your petty darkness

Claude Lopez-Ginisty