lundi 28 mai 2012

I live in the 60's

I still live in the sixties
in an old building
with a broken lift
and a tender atmosphere

when friends visit me
climbing the stairs up
they are silent
because they are out of breath
because they are not used
to climbing into the past
because they feel like
visiting a cathedral

nobody really knows

from the windows 
one can see landscapes
deprived of skyscrapers
yellow skies with sunsets
that seem like 
a hollywood scenery 

musics in the rooms of my house
are old-fashioned 
echoes of the tunes 
played on the Titanic 
before the shipwreck

and when friends ask me
why don't you move from here
to live in a modern flat
I give them a smart answer
in ancient Greek
and they leave puzzled

Claude Lopez-Ginisty

7 commentaires:

  1. haha you answer them in you know i def would not mind to visit...smiles.

  2. As they say... old is gold indeed! :) Beautifully written!
    Window to the other side

  3. Reminds me of the movie " Inception", where time layers within itself, in the dream, the dream within a dream, time takes on a different meaning. Thanks

  4. Smiling as I write this .... smart answers in ancient Greek sound intriguing.

  5. A broken lift and a tender atmosphere...a place where I would like to live...

  6. Thank you friends!

    Ancient Greek is Hebrew to most people!