mercredi 9 mars 2016


Like a knight of some old-fashioned book
I came to you from a remote country

I used words 
you never heard before
and you smiled
to make me understand
that you did not understand me

I had lived a life
where songs were finished in a sob
and I had remained 
a passer-by in the eyes of God

I had wandered too long
in landscapes 
of impossible loves

I knew it 
long before I came 
life is but an endless poem
a noteless song
on the lips of a mute beggar

the streets used to recite 
some kind of prayer in the dark
way before I realized
that I was mortal

I feel like an old knight
Spanish by descent
and deprived of his windmills

and if I smile at you
the world will know a new dawn
even if you do not smile back
and  tell me abruptly
that a am too well-known
a stranger

Claude Lopez-Ginisty

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