samedi 23 juin 2012

Haïku de la chandelle

The candle is bright
Just until the morning sun
Appears in the sky


La chandelle brille
Jusqu'au moment où au ciel
Paraît le soleil


Claude Lopez-Ginisty


Ecrit pour la joute poétique chevaleresque

Tackle It Tuesday, "Bright"

mercredi 20 juin 2012

Low tide

Brooks always go to rivers
and rivers finally
 end up in the sea

your dreams go everywhere
floating here and there
and they are washed ashore 
by the high tide of reality

and you realize bitterly
that real life is often 
like the morning dew
faking tears on flowers
and vanishing when you try
to catch its pearls 

Claude Lopez-Ginisty

lundi 18 juin 2012


What you cannot express
(your feelings
and your dreams)
remains clad in silence and secret
for a long time 
that seems everlasting

but one day very easily
everything comes out under the sun
and your pen

(echoes like sighs
and words like celestial music
of newly composed symphonies)

and this suddenly starts a tide of tears
that breaks against the cliffs
of oblivion and fear

and you remember that undoubtedly
once you were a child
and you believed 
the world to be a safe haven

Claude Lopez-Ginisty

dimanche 17 juin 2012


The love fireflies that I so loved
like birds of the soul
drive all illusions
to the garden of the past

the wisdom of black suns
condemn prisoners's songs

for heroes died a long time ago
and exiled loves 
sentence all poems to death

this very night
travels eternally
all around the world
on the wings of an invisible dove

the earth is maimed for life
I fear its mushroom clouds
flying upwards from the springs
 of polluted power

I managed somehow
to conceal my music
and the words of my hymns
just in time for the high tide
to help them catch a wave

O you deep ocean
with your thousand caressing hands
renew love
the two-souled Archangel !

Claude Lopez-Ginisty

vendredi 15 juin 2012

Night Haïku

Let the night come in
With its dark oblivious shroud
To bury your pain

Claude Lopez-Ginisty

jeudi 14 juin 2012


We really cannot communicate
our lingua franca does not convey
the real meaning of our conversation

you say things that you do not believe
and try to convince me
that I should take them seriously
because you are superbly clad
in complacency 

you speak about a rose
without mentioning its thorns

you talk like a song
but you are out of tune

when you say Love
I understand hatred

when you mention God
I feel like an atheist

your words are like clouds
with an appearence of reality
that ends up abruptly

and even your silence 
has the stench of death

Claude Lopez-Ginisty

mercredi 13 juin 2012


Dawn came fast
with its red sun peeping
at the sleeping landscape

trees were slowly exhaling
a white misty cloud towards the sky

birds filled the morning air
with wild symphonies of songs
whilst sunbeams wiped away
the tiny tears of dewdrops
on the small hands of plants

the door was locked
the key remained in its keyhole
and we left
for ever

Claude Lopez-Ginisty

dimanche 10 juin 2012


Geese crying in the sky
strange voice of pain
sadly reading  
the subtle calligraphy
their flight produces 
against the foam of clouds
in the ocean above

the meaning of this
is utterly unknown 
but it is heart-rending

and when heavens
become still again
it does feel as though 
a curtain of haze was falling
on the last act
of a human tragedy

Claude Lopez-Ginisty


Illustration: Estampe d'Hokusai, 

samedi 9 juin 2012

Haïku of the dragonfly

It's ordinary
Until you see with your heart
And are overwhelmed

Claude Lopez-Ginisty
Danielle Wollensack

written for 


When they parted
none of them was truly conscious
that days would be different

but soon a chasm
appeared in their joy
as if absence created a void
deep in their souls

When they parted 
none of them really expected
nights to be less friendly

but soon a crack
was shown in their dreams
as if they had lost the capacity
of surviving ordeals

Claude Lopez-Ginisty

vendredi 8 juin 2012

Dead music

The music stopped suddenly
but the band had left earlier on

in our merry hearts
the subtle echo of melodies
was progressively replaced
by the dull shroud of silence

wanting to keep something 
of the magic in our minds
we tried to whistle
the tunes that were gone then

but our lips refused 
to utter a single sound

and we sighed 
a mute symphony
that disrupted the landscape
deep in our souls
and withered all our flowers
under a stony sun

Claude Lopez-Ginisty

jeudi 7 juin 2012

Old Friends

They suddenly dive in your soul
with all the weight of their lives
pretending that the past
is dead and buried in oblivion

but the high tide of memory
washes old images to the shore
of your benevolent mind
and your heart starts beating
an ancient tempo long forgotten
and painful
and sad

tears like pearls of distress
appear in your eyes
and you pretend to laugh
to conceal the deep injury
cut open in a past scar of yours

night ends up your day
like a black shroud
that buries your last illusions

your soul like theirs
has not yet mastered
the quietude of prayer
that brings solace and forgiveness

Claude Lopez-Ginisty 

mercredi 6 juin 2012

Haïku/Gypsy Music

Gipsy melodies
My heart becomes a true fire
And my soul dances

Claude Lopez-Ginisty


Van Gogh's The Caravans (1888)

lundi 4 juin 2012

Haïku of the Rose

The poems you write
Fail to capture the beauty
Of a single rose


Ton poème hélas
Ne capturera jamais
La beauté des roses


Claude Lopez-Ginisty

samedi 2 juin 2012

Love Haiku

Locked in my true love-
Every cell of my prison
Is hugs and kisses

Claude Lopez-Ginisty




vendredi 1 juin 2012


The landscape is inside yourself
hidden and secret
deep in the realm of memories
with lakes of tears 
sunny smiles 
and tender green bushes 
where your dreams nested
in the old days

you look at it
you sigh and wonder
why a mere sight of nature
could make you feel 
so weak and so lost
and yet so happy

you dwelled long enough
in all those magic landscapes
making them in a subtle way 
the ideal scenery
of home-made plays
where you were the hero

the landscape is inside yourself
and when there is a storm
now it seems to you 
that your tears
provide the heavy rain

Claude Lopez-Ginisty

Danielle Wollensack